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Non-Degree Seeking Program

Non-Degree Seeking Program

Non-Degree Seeking Program at MECA is intended to serve students who are not seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree but want to further their education in the arts, liberal arts, or art history. High school teachers, high school students, and qualified community members wishing to take BFA courses for their own enrichment all may be able to be accepted as a non-degree student. Up to 15 credits can be taken as a non-degree student, and MECA supports the non-degree program with special grants. Please note that some student services may not be available to non-degree students. In addition, non-degree students only have access to the studios which their coursework necessitates, and use of MECA's studios must be commensurate with and not exceed the demands of the course. Studios may not be used for work that does not directly apply to the course. Abuse or inappropriate use of MECA's facilities will result in immediate dismissal from the non-degree program without a refund.

Non-Degree Student Policies:

  • Students may take no more than 6 credits per semester (2 classes).
  • Students are limited to 15 credits as a non-degree seeking student over the course of their lifetime.
  • Students are typically able to enroll in 100- or 200-level classes only. Enrollment in 300- or 400-level classes is on a case by case basis and requires permission of the instructor. Submission of additional application materials may be required.
  • Students must provide proof that prerequisites for the desired class have been met (through previous classes or demonstrated experience).
  • Students must abide by all student policies and procedures.
  • Non-degree students are not eligible for taking classes through GPACU (Greater Portland Alliance of Colleges and Universities), using the AICAD mobility program, utilizing tutorial services or counseling services. They are not eligible for a discount in Continuing Studies classes.
  • Acceptance as a non-degree-seeking student does not guarantee admission into any of MECA's degree granting programs.
  • Students who have been denied acceptance into the degree program or dismissed from the degree program for any reason are not eligible for non-degree status.
  • Former MECA degree-seeking students may only enroll as non-degree seeking students if they have graduated or have earned an equivalent degree at another institution. An official transcript may be required of any former MECA student to prove degree completion before being accepted as a non-degree student.
  • Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for scholarships or federal financial aid. However, MECA offers a discounted rate for the courses in which they enroll. For 2015-16, this rate is $1200 per 3 credit course.
  • Refunds will follow the normal BFA refund period. Please see MECA's academic calendar for more information.
  • Students who are unable to get into the desired class due to over-enrollment of the course will be issued a full refund of both their enrollment deposit and any other payments they have already made. The $40 application fee is non-refundable.
  • Non-Degree students do not pay an enrollment fee or student activities/ technology fee.
  • Students must also pay a $50 transcript fee. This fee covers all transcript requests for life.
  • Exceptions to this policy can only be made by making a written appeal to the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.
  • MECA reserves the right to change the non-degree student policy at any time

If you are interested in the Non-Degree Program, please contact the Admissions Department at or 800.699.1509.