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Feed Your Soul: Art Educator Summer Program

Maine College of Art
An Art Educator Summer Program

+ Take workshops with MECA’s BFA faculty!
+ Professional development, collaborative inquiring and networking!
+ Explore the art scene in the dynamic city of Portland, Maine!
+ Work on your own art in MECA’s studios!

The Program
This program is designed to give art educators professional development as well as an opportunity to work on your own artwork and network with other art educators. You will take workshops with MECA’s BFA faculty, share ideas with other art educators and colleagues, get to know Portland, Maine as a creative location and have the opportunity to work on your own artwork.

The program offers 30 hours of in-class workshop and lecture time, and 24/7 studio access within a 5 to 7 day period. Workshops will be lead by  MECA’s BFA faculty and may include Ceramics, Jewelry, Painting, Figure Drawing, Woodworking, Photography, Printmaking, Textile and Fashion Design, plus others. From year to year the workshop offerings will be different.

Studio Space
Individual studio space is available to most participants on a first come first served basis at no additional charge. This is a great opportunity for participants that would like the option of having their own studio space during the duration of the program. There are a variety of studio spaces to chose from adjacent to your favorite studio area. You will have 24/7 studio access during the program to make as much art as you want with as many materials as you can bring.

The cost of Feed Your Soul will cover the tuition of the workshops and is posted on the website. Each participant is responsible for all travel; including parking, personal expenses, some dinners and material costs. Some workshops will require a materials fee and others will provide you a list of materials that you can bring from home. At no extra charge and on a first come first basis, you will be offered; on campus housing, and a chance to have  your own studio space. Breakfast and lunch are also offered everyday at no additional cost. There is an optional cost if you prefer a housing upgrade. If your school district is paying the cost of the program, but it will arrive at a later date; MECA can pre-register participants and hold their space in the program for up to 90 days, to give the school district time to process the check or payment form.  

All travel expenses, including parking are the responsibility of the participant. It is not necessary to have a vehicle in Portland during the duration of the program. Portland has several transportation options including an airport, train station, bus depot and port, (just in case you would like to arrive by boat, ferry or ship) and taxis are available 24/7.

The typical schedule is:
     + Breakfast
     + Morning workshop
     + Lunch
     + Afternoon workshop

Your own time; this time can be used to work in the studio, explore Portland, dinner, networking etc.

At the beginning of the program there will be an orientation schedule and the end of the program will include a closing dinner and departure schedule. These schedules will be updated every year.

For More Information
Each year the website will be updated with information relative to that year’s program including program dates, schedule, workshop options and costs. Visit to learn more about Feed Your Soul, Maine College of Art and the Portland area. If you have any questions regarding the program please feel free to contact the admissions office at, 207-699-5026 or toll free at 800-699-1509 x5037.

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