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Fern Tavalin, Professor, Art Education

Fern  Tavalin

Fern Tavalin is a creative educator and project director whose work is nationally known for technology innovation, using multimedia and telecommunication to improve student learning in the arts and humanities. Fern has spoken widely on topics including arts assessment, technology innovation, project-based learning, and the development of digital portfolios. From 1995-2005, she originated and led The WEB Project, an award winning initiative that created collaborative online processes for reflection and critique of student work in visual art, music composition, civic discourse, shared literature, and cultural exchange. Most recently, she has maintained consulting contracts with the School District of Sarasota County to evaluate their NEA-funded integrated arts initiative and with the Arts and Cultural Alliance to manage their grantmaking program to arts and cultural organizations. Fern holds an Ed.D. from UMASS Amherst with a concentration in creativity, an M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction from UVM and a B.A. in economics from Franklin and Marshall College. For the past six years she has actively shown her photographs in juried shows in Sarasota, FL and Savannah, GA and in the Beijing art district of Cao Chang Di.