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Students leave the institution with a working understanding of tools & technology (including, but not limited to, drawing, printing, photography, and time-based and interactive media), and their roles in the creation, reproduction, and distribution of design. They gain a working understanding of design for production and the ability to create the design of letterforms to photographic image making, print design, web design & motion graphics.

Students develop an awareness of the history and theory of graphic design and contemporary design practices. They are able to develop design interventions, possess the skills to identify a design need or incentive, and are adept at research and information gathering, analysis, concept development, design strategy development, exploration of alternative solutions, design prototyping & implementation. They demonstrate an awareness of contemporary issues, cultural context, authorship and audience perception, have a command of relevant critical language, and are able to think conceptually.

Students gain a thorough understanding of what graphic design can be (a strategy, object or structure) and an awareness of the transferability and versatility of their education into the related fields of design, motion design, web design, art direction, pre-press, publishing and all areas of the fine and graphic arts, and into the field of teaching. Students leave the institution with the ability to use design strategies to explore ideas outside the discipline.

An open-mind and self-affirming attitude are hallmarks of the Graphic Design graduate. They have learned how to create and develop visual form in response to design incentives, including an understanding of principles of visual organization/composition, information hierarchy, representational strategies, and typography and style. They demonstrate a working understanding of design for production and the ability to design both in and outside the computer. Students gain a working understanding of collaborative practices in contemporary design, and experience a professional work environment, through an internship or other workplace experience, with a graphic design studio or a designer. They understand the business of being an artist/designer, and are able to write a resume and cover letter, conduct portfolio interviews, get an internship, and freelance. They have developed a body of work and presented it in an exhibition, along with a written, designed process book.