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Beth Taylor, Adjunct Instructor

Beth Taylor

I am Beth. I'm a designer, artist, and educator. I use design to promote understanding and further ideas. I believe in research, in making, in the fluidity of learning and educating.

I grew up on Martha's Vineyard and live now in Portland, Maine. I completed an MFA in Graphic Design at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011, a BFA in Graphic Design at Maine College of Art in 2008, and a BA in Social Science and Visual Art at Bennington College in 2003.

Along with my love for art and design, I am an avid nester, caretaker of fuzzy beings, and swimmer of oceans. I've slept in an airfield, a boxing ring, and a snow cave. I've been paid to dye yarn, draw pictures, sew, teach art, be a good DIYer, counsel survivors of rape, and dance to Richard Simmons.

I am heavily influenced by eighties-era portrayals of young girls with fiery red hair and a costume that always included kneesocks. Have the will to make things happen and enjoy doing them. Have the courage to try. Trust.

Photo by Aaron Flacke


MFA, Graphic Design, Maryland Institute College of Art
BFA in Graphic Design, Maine College of Art
BA, Social Science and Visual Art, Bennington College

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