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Students develop their perceptual skills, including but not limited to: translation of space, light, form and visual relationships onto a two-dimensional surface. Students gain the ability to interpret color and understand its components enough to manipulate it with control, and develop an understanding of the nature of process with their work and their relationship to it. Students learn to choose appropriate techniques, materials, and formal design language to develop visual vocabulary in service of content, and the ability to maintain a disciplined studio practice.

Students gain the ability to translate personal concepts into visual form and research strategies to support development of personal concepts. Students participate in independent and group critical discourse and leave the institution with a comprehensive understanding of the history of painting, contemporary painting movements, and familiarity with topical issues of contemporary art. Students are able to develop a self-directed body of work and critically present work in relation to art history, cultural influences, material culture, and personal context..

Students gain competency and confidence in the manipulation of fundamental painting materials including oil paints and mediums. Techniques in oils are easily translated to acrylic and other water-based media. Manipulation of fundamental painting techniques and brushwork effects (e.g., glazing, scumbling, staining, impasto, blending and dry brush) are practiced. Students learn to choose the appropriate tools for a desired outcome. Students possess craftsmanship and technical skills in: creating painting supports and grounds, studio setup, care and maintenance of tools and materials, awareness of standard safety procedures, hazardous materials, and the environmental hazards inherent in painting.

Students create an artist statement, build a resume, and prepare slide and digital documentation of their work. Students prepare for graduate school, apply for grants and residencies, participate in group exhibitions, and learn about marketing work and sales strategies. Students gain knowledge of general business practices, gain experience in applying for juried exhibitions and gain access to gallery directors to learn about how to approach galleries. Students have the ability to seek out and research job and exhibition opportunities through the use of the web, professional organizations, publications and periodicals, and access to other professional artists through visiting artist program.