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PT 221 Independent Projects in Painting

This course is designed to help students learn to create structured parameters for independent work. Students working in any discipline will develop and investigate their ideas through the lens of painting.  Students/instructor discussions will establish self-directed projects throughout the semester.  Emphasis will be placed on form as it relates to content, research and process.  Specific materials will be determined by the nature of the independent project.  Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisites: PT100, 2D studio elective and SYL.

PT 321- 322 Painting Major Studio

Students develop productive studio habits, explore personal themes and begin to define their own visual language. They are encouraged to investigate a variety of materials and processes. Trips to artist studios, major museums and galleries supplement the educational experience. Critiques, which include discussions, lectures and demonstrations, and a variety of visiting artists, are held regularly. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: Major standing.

PT 351 Introduction to the Discipline

This course focuses on the evolution of Modern and Post-modern concerns as evidenced in the history of painting and its corresponding conceptual demands.  It establishes a foundation of critical ideas, vocabulary, models and strategies for students to familiarize themselves with issues pertinent to the study and practice of painting.  Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.  Prerequisites: Major standing

PT 100 Foundations in Painting

The focus of this class is on perception and color, students learn to see the empirical world and respond to it by inventing a two-dimensional equivalent with oil paint.  Exercises and assignments focus on color use, composition and content, tactile paint surfaces, and basic material instruction.  This course is designed to prepare student for more advanced painting experiences by introducing the fundamental elements of the discipline of painting. Required to major in painting.  Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.    No pre-requisites.  


PT 120 Perception-Imagination-Abstraction

This course explores historical and contemporary approaches to traditional genres of painting.  Exercises and assignments reinforce and expand upon the principles investigated in PT100.  Emphasis is placed on formal issues, color use and facility with the material.  Students will work from direct observation, memory and imagination.  Art historical topics including the manipulation of 2D space, abstraction and representation, "the narrative", and the development of content through the use of signs and symbols will be discussed.  Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisites:  PT100, and any 2D studio elective.

PT 200 Intermediate Painting: Form & Content

This course utilizes visual tools including compositional development, color facility and the manipulation of material. Occasionally students are asked to make painting decisions with materials other than paint. All of the visual "tools" they possess are exercised to push their work to a more sophisticated level. Processes that encourage concept development are built into the assignments. Students work primarily from the observed world, including studio still-life arrangements, the human figure and landscape. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisites: PT 100 and any two of the following: painting elective, drawing class (except basic drawing), 2D studio elective, printmaking monoprint/monotype class.

PT 227 Hybrid Painting as Contemporary Practice

Hybridization in the visual arts - sampling, appropriation, and the combination of different subjects, methods and materials - is a widely used and accepted approach to image making.  Painters today borrow imagery, forms and styles from art history, quote directly from other artists, popular culture, and use materials and techniques from non-art contexts.   This course introduces the historically complex role of the painter as one of cultural sampler. Through a variety of projects, students will experiment and expand their painting practice using research and subject matter that reflect human and global concerns.  Critiques will concentrate on the balance between subject matter and aesthetic form to reinforce fundamental visual principles while encouraging exploration and investigation of personal language. These classes will encourage innovative approaches to making paintings in a fusion that is the ultimate goal of hybrid painting practice.  Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisites: 100 level painting class.

PT 421-422 Painting Major Studio

This course provides an uninterrupted opportunity for the advanced painter to develop independently. Instructors critique, lecture, give demonstrations, and participate with students in both one-on-one situations and group discussions. Emphasis is placed on developing a personal painting process, while building and sustaining an extended body of work. The course also addresses the realities of being a working artist in contemporary culture (i.e. gallery representation, grants & funding, job information, etc.). Visiting artists, trips to museums and galleries, readings and lectures help to facilitate these goals. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisite: PT 321-322.