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Students have grounding in formal design language and visual thinking skills as taught in the Foundation years and reinforced in the major. Students understand basic design principles with a particular focus on the expressive nature of three-dimensional form.

Our students possess confidence in using machine and hand tools that range from a table saw, band saw, mortise, lathe, drill press, planer, jointer, router and sanders. Students have a range of manual and machine skills in furniture making and competency in a broad range of techniques and processes. Students investigate a wide range of materials; wood in all forms and species, plastics, aluminum, bronze and steel casting, fabrication and welding, upholstery and various fibers. Students are adept at full-scale drawing and model-making techniques.

Students understand the history and theory of furniture design, are aware of contemporary issues, and have a command of relevant critical language. Students develop a personal voice manifested in a self-directed body of work and arrived at through a conscious design development process. Students develop critical skills relevant to their work and the work of their peers.

Students are familiar with professional organizations, associations and periodicals. They can identify models, case studies, ethics and standards within their own work as well as that of their peers. Students write an artist statement, resume, and thesis statement, and learn to document and photograph their work. Students gain experience in presenting and exhibiting their own work in a professional setting. Seniors gain experience developing an exhibition of current student work within the major.