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The Department of Continuing Studies offers 3 terms of youth programming throughout the year.

Winter/Spring 2015

Dates: February 7 - April 4

Course are offered in a variety of mediums and are designed to encourage and support young artists and their creative explorations. Courses are intended for students ages 8 to 17 with specific age ranges by course. Students who fall outside the intended age range may request admission by contacting the Continuing Studies Office.

Youth courses begin Saturday, February 7 and run for 8 weeks, meeting in the morning or afternoon. All students from all courses will convene to celebrate and share their work on April 4 for the final class. Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend this special, culminating event.



Thanks to the generous support of the Stephanie Hope Mull Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, MECA is able to provide a limited amount of scholarships for students to attend SUMMER youth programs.

Scholarship Form (Available march 2015)

For more information please call 207.699.5062 or contact Nik Bsullak, Assistant Director of Continuing Studies,





Ages 8-13 (grouped by age)
Tuesday to Friday, February 17-20, 2015
8:30am to 3:30pm

This play-based camp is a bonanza in games exploration. Beginning with an investigation of the many hands-on games that kids are most familiar with-- playing cards, board games, dice games, puzzles, 3D/object games, and building games, students are encouraged to gravitate towards the games that are most exciting to them, either visually, conceptually, or tactilely. We'll investigate what goes into creating a great game (pieces, rules, objects/goals, game design) and what makes it fun to play. Using a wide range of materials and techniques (painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, etc), students will get creative by tweaking an existing game to suit their fancy or creating their own original game by designing pieces and boards, establishing their own rules and goals, and testing them on their friends. Join us in our studio environment where kids are encouraged to get creative, get messy and get gaming! Afternoon break-out sessions with a "Drawing Games" expert will compliment our program.


Ages 14-17
Tuesday to Friday, February 17-20, 2015
9:00am to 3:30pm

Students will investigate our city’s constant evolution – studying urban planning, architecture and history. We’ll walk through the city comparing what we see with historic maps and photos, interview long-time residents and help solve unanswered questions using materials at local research institutions. We’ll discuss what's changed, what's stayed the same and surmise why. Students will communicate their findings via sketches, collage, stories and poetry as they explore our city’s past, present and imagine its future. Young urbanites, artists, history and architecture buffs alike will gain research experience, learn more about Portland and experiment with creating art inspired by their findings. Students will also serve as beta testers for a digital cartography and photo-mapping site that will enable them to share their work with the community-at-large.

Program Cost: $255

To register:  Click here 

For more information, call the Continuing Studies office at 207-699-5061