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Michael DeSouza, Assistant Professor

Michael DeSouza

Michael DeSouza is a MECA alum, a UI/UX specialist, and the CEO of TapTapas, which he co-founded in 2008 to design and develop superior iPhone applications for clients and to develop internal application strategies. Tap Tapas and its products have been featured by The New York Times, Apple, Reuters, MSNBC, O’Reilly Publications and Faux News.

Assistant Professor DeSouza team-teaches the course "Designing Mobile Experiences" with his business partner Justin Velgos. The objective of the course is to conceptualize and design a touch-screen mobile application. Students work in teams to research, explore and present their ideas for critique. The most viable option will be submitted to If the Kickstarter project receives funding, the app will be built and submitted to the App Store by Tap Tapas. Each student will receive a share of any profit the app generates.

Prior to Tap Tapas co-Founded cgCraft, a leader in web design and development. Originally from New Hampshire, currently resides in Scarborough, Maine with his wife and daughter.


BFA, Maine College of Art