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Typeculture Llc Announces Release Of Phoreus Cherokee

TypeCulture LLC Announces Release of Phoreus™ Cherokee

Posted: 2014-07-02

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TypeCulture LLC Announces Release of Phoreus™ Cherokee

Portland, Maine ~ TypeCulture LLC announces the release of Phoreus™ Cherokee, a typeface family designed by Associate Graphic Design Professor Mark Jamra to be used for setting texts in the Cherokee language. The eight-font family features the Cherokee syllabary in upright and italic styles in four weights which are available as digital fonts for work in print media. Specially produced versions to be used in websites and mobile devices are currently in development.
Phoreus™ Cherokee was produced primarily for use in the Cherokee language with the occasional insertion of words and phrases in the Latin script. Its design was prompted by an appeal from the Cherokee Nation for more Cherokee typefaces, since new digital types were required to build the resources they needed to preserve the Cherokee language and culture. Phoreus’ distinct and uncomplicated forms are particularly suited to very young readers – a primary target demographic in language preservation. There is also a "small cap" version of each glyph, so that bilingual documents set in Cherokee and English attain a similar "color" and feel.
The design of Phoreus™ Cherokee followed extensive research into the Cherokee writing system and guidance provided by the Language Technology Office of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The fonts contain the 85 glyphs of the mono-case Cherokee syllabary along with a companion Latin alphabetic complement of uppercase, lowercase, figures, punctuation and commonly used symbols.
Phoreus™ Cherokee is one of only two extensive multi-weight Cherokee type families in existence. It is also unique in containing the first true cursive italic types ever designed for the Cherokee syllabary. This ground-breaking development was made possible through research of handwritten manuscripts from over 180 years, and the encouragement and feedback from the Language Technology Office.
The name Phoreus is the ancient Greek word for bearer or carrier and refers to type (and the Cherokee syllabary) as a vehicle of language and visual culture.
The designer of Phoreus™ Cherokee is Mark Jamra, the founder of TypeCulture LLC in Portland, Maine. He has designed type for over 30 years and is an associate professor of graphic design at Maine College of Art. Mark has taught graphic design, lettering, typography and letterform design at colleges and workshops in the U.S. and Germany. His lettering and typefaces have been in numerous exhibitions and have received recognition from the Type Directors Club and the Association Typographique Internationale.
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A proof specimen of Phoreus Cherokee can be downloaded here: