Assorted Images

Woodworking And Furniture Design Faculty Adam Manley Portfolio

Adrift (at the Salton Sea), 2009 Cypress, steel, plywood, concrete

Adrift (San Diego pool) Cypress, steel plywood, concrete

At Home in the Trees (installation view on SDSU fifth floor ledge) 2010 Wood, periscope parts

Capped Spiral (small shed mounted over the top of spiral staircase on SDSU campus) wood, nails, brawn

Adam Manley, Leaky Faucets Sound Like Leaky Faucets

A New View, 2010 Poplar, copper, mechanics

Adam Manley, 1.5 Million Homes (Power Comes in Waves), 2011 Fiberglass diving board, wood, Railroad ties, mechanics

Extendobed (in box canyon, Southern California), 2009 Oak, poplar, ladder hardware, bedding

Extendobed (detail) 2009

outside, 2010 Fir, oak, steel banding, topsoil, grass, mixed media

Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro, 2011 Poplar, synthetic turf, resin, led's, electronics

Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro (pool details), 2011

Overlook (with view station installation details), 2009-2011 wood, paint, vintage spotting scope

In the Closet (installation view at SDSU Downtown Gallery loading dock), 2010 poplar, Eucalyptus trees and leaves, mixed media

Stern Table, (installed on client's Del Mar deck, overlooking the pacific), 2010 Trex synthetic decking, glass pool tile, tempered glass, aluminum

Tallships, 2010 Fir, paper mache, paint

Transient Windmill (Southwestern installation views), 2008 Basswood, electronic hardware (the windmill powered a small light inside the body), rope