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Above & Beyond Grant

Our Above and Beyond Grant helps currently enrolled BFA, MFA, and MAT students access structured opportunities and experiences that take them above and beyond our classrooms and facilities. Students learn basic grant writing skills to fund activities such as conferences, workshops, or professional events.

The maximum request is $500.

There are three grant cycles: Fall, Spring, and Summer

All applicants are required to attend an informational workshop before submitting a proposal.

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For BFA applicants: students need a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the most recent semester. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors must be enrolled for the upcoming semester to qualify.

Funds cannot be used for

  • equipment
  • projects that are part of the curriculum
  • activities that earn academic credit
  • resources that are available at or through the College.
  • day-to-day creative practice expenses (rent, materials, marketing, etc.)

Review Criteria

  • Explains how this is a learning experience supervised by professionals.
  • Quality of application materials: resume, proposal, budget, documentation.
  • Quality of artwork
  • Clear goals for how this relates to artists' professional growth.

Past Awardees

2023 Awardees
  • Montana Van Duijin '23: To attend the Currents New Media Festival in New Mexico
  • Jaden Bauch '25: To take classes in financial literacy
  • Midori Morrow MFA '24: To attend the world conference against atomic and hydrogen bombs, held in Hiroshima
2022 Awardees
  • Maya Tihtiyas '22: for individualized instruction in Passamaquoddy basketmaking
  • Kia Pickering '22: for RISD classes in botanical illustration
  • Tristyn Stone '23: for a collaborative illustration magazine with a focus on professional advice
  • Emily Geaslin '23: to attend a cob house building workshop in Tennessee
  • Claire Christensen '23: to attend a book arts workshop
  • James Meyer MFA '23: to teach drawing workshops in Maine prison
  • Andy Jones '22: to participate in Print Jam at Running With Scissors
2021 Awardees
  • Lynn Sisler MFA '21, for residency at Artists' Association of Nantucket
  • Hope Drenning '24, for professional development of visual display at art fairs
  • Aidia Sandlin '22, to attend the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Berlin
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