Pride Month Windows at MECA&D

Be gay! Do window design!

Last year, MECA&D celebrated Pride Month by covering the windows of the Joanne Waxman Library with original designs developed by the Admissions department. This year, we want to give our students a chance to share their Pride by contributing designs to the window display design contest.

Submit your designs

Showcase your voice! This is a wide-open call for artists to celebrate the queer community of MECA&D and project our Pride through the 2nd floor windows out to the greater Portland community. Submit a design related to queer identity, queer history or queer symbology; designs can be image-based, text-based or some combination of both. Your design does not have to be overtly Pride-themed, but the connection to Pride should be explained clearly in your design description.

Submissions will be juried in two rounds. Four finalists will be selected for final selection by the wider student body. The two selections will be announced in April. Submissions are due Friday, March 22nd.

View of the Porteous Building with second floor windows painted with LGBTQ pride flags.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Open to all MECA&D students
  • Submitted work must be original
  • One submission per artist
  • Upload one design and one detail shot of the design (as needed) via submission form
  • Murals will be scaled to roughly 6.5 feet wide by 6.0 feet high
  • Designs need to be installed/executed with paint markers*
  • Winning designs will display from June 1st, 2024 to July 1st, 2024** on two windows inside the Joanne Waxman Library

*MECA&D will cover the cost of all materials related to installing the mural

**Artists who indicate they will not be on hand to install the design in late May 2024 should prioritize design/color simplicity and be prepared to develop easy to follow instructions.

Prizes and Recognition:

The two artists selected will receive $100 for their designs and achieve recognition, approbation and pride for contributing to MECA&D’s Pride month celebration.

How to Submit

Fill out submission form

Deadline is Friday, March 22nd at 11:59pm

Questions or inquiries?

Contact Elyse Grams at