Harlan Crichton: That Was Fun

June 2, 5-8pm
Opening Reception

June 9
Performance by Resource Plus

This performance is intended to show community members how the images on display were made. Crichton will use lasers, optics and a fog machine to double expose large format slide film. The musician duo, Resource Plus, will provide a lush, textural soundscape as an auditory backdrop.

Resource Plus is a collaboration between Maine based musicians Earth Person, Devon Cole, and Justin Butterfield. The two have been exploring ways to channel their corporeal experience since a breakthrough in 2011.

Doors at 8pm, performance begins at 8:30pm, Free to the public

June 30
Artist Talk

Since 2013 Harlan Crichton has been visually exploring where the real and surreal collide. In this artist talk he will provide context for That was fun, currently on display at 49 Oak. In addition to other stories, Crichton will reveal how a chance encounter in 2013 while buying sunglasses at an Idaho gas station continues to shape his work today.

Doors at 7:30, lecture begins at 8. Free to the Public.