The Histories and Movements of and for American Women

Open to students, staff, and faculty


10 – 11:20 am


The Research and Inquiry section "The History and Art of Modern American Social Movements" will hold student panel discussions. The first, on Tuesday, entitled Cornered: The Histories and Movements of and for American Women will include papers on the anti-pornography movement, on lesbian history and protest, on the anti-sexual assault movement, and the equal pay movement inside professional women's soccer.

  • Abby Bone, A Rare Species, Not a Stereotype: A Century of Lesbians in the United States
  • Jaden Miller, Asking For It: Victim Blaming and the Anti-Sexual Assault Movement
  • Alexis Padilla, Equal Play, Equal Pay: USWNT Soccer Equal Pay Movement
  • Madi Ross, Internet Fantasies and the Keyboard Warrior: How the Anti-Porn Movement Misses the Mark