2023 BFA Thesis Exhibition

Refraction: 2023 BFA Thesis Show

The 2023 BFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the work of 78 Seniors. Refraction will encompass four floors of the college's Porteous Building, as well as the 49 Oak Gallery space. In addition, there will be a collection of work on view by graduating Animation & Game Art majors: Soulstice, located on the first floor of the Porteous building.

In the same way that a beam of light refracts and splits into a variety of colors, the Class of 2023 has synthesized their shared experiences and begins to move forward in different directions. Refraction represents the cumulative journey each student has taken, highlighting their perspectives, contributions, and dedication to the Maine College of Art & Design community. For some, their explorations boldly push the boundaries of fine art, craft, and design: questioning conventions and charting new courses. Others carry the torch of artists who came before them—building upon long-established traditions.

Maine College of Art & Design gathered these artists together and now their paths will diverge; after all, it is only when light refracts that we can see each color for its individual beauty.