2024 Merit Scholarship Competition

Open to Students, Faculty, and Staff

An installation of a stop-motion animation with orange models.
An installation of prints, resembling a beg, a carpet, and a window.
Installation of jewelry with bright colors and circular shapes.
An installation of artwork including illustrations, an embroidered tapestry, and a wooden box.
An installation of paper held by string above ceramic sculptures
An installation of stylized painted portraits.
An installation of wooden furniture, including a bench, stools, mirrors, and a cabinet.
An installation of illustrations, one depicts a growing forest, one a room, another an isometric cityscape.
An installation of a stop-motion animation with sculptures displayed beside.
An installation of ceramic works, including vases and sculptures, with playful themes
Installation view of a series of wooden, metal, and plaster sculptures.

The Merit Scholarship Competition at Maine College of Art & Design invites sophomore and junior students with a minimum 3.5 GPA to submit work to be considered for scholarship prizes. A four-person jury reviews the submissions and selects winners based on the quality of craft, concept, and realization of their installation. All submissions are exhibited on three floors of the Porteous building and feature work across majors including sculptures, prints, illustrations, animations, paintings, and more.