Past As Prologue

An Investigation of Today’s Trends and Yesterday’s Movements

Open to students, staff, and faculty


10 – 11:20 am


The Research and Inquiry section "The History and Art of Modern American Social Movements" will hold student panel discussions. The Friday panel, entitled Past As Prologue: An Investigation of Today's Trends and Yesterday's Movements, will include papers on the hippie movement, US-Mexico border history, and the of the "slow fashion" movement.

  • Morgan Chaves, “Outfit Repeating is Sexy!”; “Your Dead Grandpa’s Clothes are Hot!”; “Wearing Your Winter Scarf As a Top Has Sex Appeal!”; and Other Daily Affirmations for the 21st-Century Environmentalist
  • Hazel Derry, The Hippie Movement in Black and White
  • Eric Valdez, No Seat At the Table: US-Mexico Border Patrol, 1994 to the Present