Merch Table

A Student Pop Up Shop

A model wearing a black shirt printed with a white design of a wolf with the words, "Solar Eclipse Wax Drip."
A print of two fist with the words, "two fish."
A display of earrings with floral beads.
A series of patches with imagery of a house walking on bird legs.
A hand holding a series of prints on bright paper of various fruits.
Three hardcover books with nature scenes.
A stack of prints of a figure with a star face wearing robes with stars.
A black shirt with an illustration of a cat and the words, "Cat Attack"
A green bookmark with a heart pattern and a figure saying "I heart books"
Three buttons with illustrations of dogs wearing hats.

Open to the public


  • Thursday and Friday: 5 – 8pm
  • Saturday: 11am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 11am – 4pm
  • 5 – 9pm during First Fridays

About the pop-up sale

Merch Table is a pop-up sale presented by our students enrolled in a class with the same name. This multi-media exhibition and sale is the culmination of a Printmaking elective designed and taught by Professor Adriane Herman. Merch Table features fine art prints, t-shirts, hats, home decor items, jewelry, stickers, keychains, patches, and more created by BFA students.

The class is collaborating with 240 Strings, a non-profit based in Portland through which world class musicians offer heartfelt instruction in piano, violin, and cello free of cost. For sale through the pop-up exhibition will be “merch” benefiting 240 Strings produced by employees of the Industries program at Maine Correctional Center who are gaining vocational skills such as sewing, commercial embroidery, digital printing, and laser cutting.

Portland Piano Trio and their 240 Strings students will offer a concert in Osher Auditorium on Monday, April 29th at 6:30.

More information about 49 Oak

About the class

Running for the first time this year, Merch Table is a class focused on bringing work to market that students can count toward a Public Engagement or Art & Entrepreneurship minor. Stop in and support our students as they hone their skills of making and bringing their work to market, and utilize their design and fabrication skills to support worthy organizations such as 240 Strings.

Participating Artists

  • Fynn Barnard ’25
  • Pen Bean ’25
  • Ezekiel Bliss ’26
  • Devyn Brazell ’26
  • Cora Fackert ’26
  • Augustus Govoni ’25
  • Troy Hargrove ’26
  • Joce Leo, MFA ’24
  • Sophia Patchett ’25
  • Ashley Pelletier ’25
  • Kadence Puckett ’26
  • Vic Scarpato ’25
  • Sawyer Strouth ’26
  • Izzy Van den Heuvel, Printmaking tech and Artist-in-Residence