Visiting Artist Series: Lynds Gallant

12:00-1:00pm - Osher Hall

During her decades in the game industry, Lynds has done An Actual Jillion things as a triple-threat Art Director, Concept Artist & UI/UX Artist: visually designing some of the first mobile games that were enjoyed by millions of players, art directing a colorful tapestry of various indie games across tons of platforms, and occasionally dipping’ into the film and comic industries just to keep things fresh.

Lynds was previously the Co-Founder and Art Director at Sonderlust Studios, where she developed the studio & its brand identity, as well as Art Directing and successfully procuring funding for their first IP. Currently, Lynds is the Head of Design at absurd:joy, a collection of curious humans currently making Tangle - a remote collaboration app focused on privacy, agency, and creativity.

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