Research & Inquiry Students Commemorate Associate Professor Bob Jenkins

Research & Inquiry is an interdisciplinary course conceived to recognize the vital, reciprocal relationship between studio and academic courses. In the class section named Invasion of the Replicants, students built houses for a scale model figurine which they then assembled to form a neighborhood.

This year's neighborhood also serves as a tribute to Bob Jenkins (1947 – 2024), a cherished faculty member of our Academic Studies Program for 35 years and an avid scale modeler. Bob is represented at the heart of the diorama as the mayor of the neighborhood, which will be on display in the front window of the Porteous Building through April 12, 2024.

Participating artists include:

  • Loki Cannon '27
  • Bee Scarborough '27
  • Jade DiGioia '27
  • Abby Seff '27
  • Basil Hinnen '27
  • MacK Smith '27
  • Maddux Hinson '27
  • Avie Touchette '27
  • Ryan Jones '27
  • Bea Wallace '27
  • Lyra Miller '27
  • Addison Wedgeworth '27
  • Calvin Sandberg '27
  • Luna White '27

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