Deborah Santoro MFA ’23 featured as Best in Show in Juniper Rag's PULP exhibition

Deborah Santoro MFA ’23 was recently featured as Best in Show in Juniper Rag’s Pulp online exhibition. The show will be accessible through Juniper Rag’s website until April 30, 2024.

Deborah Santoro MFA ’23 engages visual and material strategies to unravel colonialistic understandings that imply separation. She uses stardust to draw, edit, and echo light waves—engaging with materials and tools that utilize haptic sensibilities to delight the primate eye. The transitional spaces between media initiate pathways into neuron networks, generating new narratives that allow for multispecies flourishing in a rapidly changing climate. In Perseverance Amidst the Regolith, Santoro collaborates with an alien robot on Mars by recognizing its agency in the images it sends back to earth.

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