Opening Reception: Liveable Worlds at the ICA

Opening reception: 5 – 8 pm

About the Show

By most any measure, the world is becoming less liveable. Climate breakdown undermines ecosystems and ways of living, paralleling crises in social life. These disruptions reflect long-standing patterns rooted in the inseparability of settler-colonialism, anti-blackness, and environmental destruction. Whether under political occupation, psychic pressure, or environmental duress; artists, designers, and filmmakers have long found ways to create in what are otherwise unlivable conditions. Liveable Worlds takes as its point of departure the notion that there are multiple “worlds”— material, psychic, and communal—and opens space to envision new forms of visualization, survival, collaboration, and community.

The artists in Liveable Worlds combine organic materials such as soil, water, and plants, with found materials and technological tools to create sculpture, painting, film, photography, installation, community projects, and performance. Some works in the exhibition combine scientific inquiry, organic systems, and recording practices with speculative imaginaries in order to envision alternate futures. Others conceive of imagination as not simply future-oriented, instead engaging notions of inheritance, ancestral gifts, and legacies of extraction. Seen together, Liveable Worlds focuses on how artists, designers, and community members have long seen environmental disruption as a moment to reimagine and rebuild.

Parallel to the exhibition, the ICA will host events focused on community engagement surrounding environmental justice, on regional and global scales, including a symposium on November 3-4.