Listening Session: Rest Within the Wake

1:00 – 2:00pm

About the Event

James Allister Sprang  welcomes visitors to bring something comfortable to lie on/with to tune in to your bodies, your ancestors, your traumas, your pain, your longings, visions, and dreams. Yoga mats will be provided.

The score features 11 first and second chair musicians, a Yamaha sponsored pianist, the Artistic Director of Louis Armstrong Museum on drums and Grammy-winning vocalists. The genre is orchestral spiritual jazz.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the ICA at Maine College of Art & Design is releasing a pressed vinyl recording of Rest Within the Wake. Pre-orders will be shipped in spring 2024.

Pre-order the Rest Within the Wake vinyl

About the Exhibition

James Allister Sprang’s Rest Within the Wake is a somatic audiovisual installation that features an orchestral score written 60 feet beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea. With textual elements, wall-based multimedia work, and advanced spatial audio technologies, Sprang’s composition weaves Diasporic timelines, the Black interior, and bodily transcendence into sensory poems.

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