ICAExhibitions: 2024


Abstract painting with vibrant orange, green, and blue marks


About the Exhibition

ENTER: examines the systems of power imbued within the spaces we inhabit. Analyzing themes around architecture, materiality, and social structures, ENTER: considers the aesthetics of dystopian landscapes and ways in which form creates meaning. The exhibition contemplates the built environment and its impacts, as well as the research practices, material histories, and design choices that influence everyday life.

Woven throughout the exhibition are nods to both fictional narratives and real-life societal structures that exemplify idealism, magical thinking, failure, exploitation, and resistance. Visitors are encouraged to consider how their own bodies move through various spaces; how materials are used, extracted, and assembled; and how objects, textures, and symbols give language to shared experiences.

ENTER: features works across a range of media, including photography, sculpture, drawing, and digital media, and is developed in partnership with Maine College of Art & Design’s Research & Inquiry: Dystopian Landscapes Spring 2024 class. Additional curatorial support by Lauren Burrell.

Exhibiting artists include:

  • Diana Al–Hadid
  • Greg Carideo
  • Michele Gabriele
  • Antonia Kuo
  • Mary Lum
  • Tabitha Nikolai (ft. Zan K, Myra Lilith Day, and garima thakur)
  • sidony o'neal
  • Alix Vernet

ENTER: is on view during ICA gallery hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 11:00am–5:00pm, and Thursdays, 11:00am–7:00pm.


ENTER: installation view of three framed photographs against a wall painted yellow, dark grey, and light grey, and a sculpture hanging from the wall.
Installation view of a ceramic sculpture that resembles a brown broken circle.
ENTER: installation view of two screens, two sculptures hanging on the wall, and a framed piece.
ENTER: installation view of a blue, tan, and black expressionist painting.
ENTER: installation view of a cage-like sculpture.
Installation view of ENTER: with three pieces, the left is a large dark painting, the middle is a small piece framed, the right is a metallic fabric hanging sculpture.


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